cd /usr/local/src
tar zxvf paco-2.0.7.tar.gz
cd paco-2.0.7

#=> No package 'gtkmm-2.4' found


The GUI of paco (gpaco) can be disabled with the option '--disable-gpaco'.
Use this option if your system lacks GTKMM >= 2.12, or you don't want to use the


./configure --disable-gpaco
make install

#make installの後にrootで実行しろとある
make logme


paco -D make install



paco -a

paco -ua

paco -r package

paco -f package


paco - the source code pacKAGE oRGANIZER

  paco [OPTIONS] <packages|files|command>

General options:
  -L, --logdir=DIR         Use DIR as the log directory.
  -a, --all                Apply to all logged packages (not with -r).
  -v, --verbose            Verbose output (-vv produces debugging messages).
  -h, --help               Display this help message.
      --version            Display version information.

Database maintenance options:
  -u, --update             Update the log of the package.
  -U, --unlog              Remove the log of the package.

General list options:
  -b, --block-size=SIZE    Use blocks of SIZE bytes for the sizes.
  -k, --kilobytes          Like '--block-size=1024'.
  -R, --reverse            Reverse order while sorting.
      --sort=WORD          Sort by WORD: 'name', 'date' (or 'time'), 'size',
                           'files', 'missing-size' or 'missing-files'.
  -t, --total              Print totals.

Package list options:
  -1, --one-column         Print one package per line.
  -F                       Print the number of installed files.
  -M                       Print the number of missing files.
  -C                       Print the number of shared files.
  -d, --date               Print the installation day (-dd prints the hour too).
  -s, --size               Print the installed size of each package.
  -n, --missing-size       Print the missing size of each package.

File list options:
  -f, --files              List installed files.
  -m, --missing-files      List missing files.
  -c, --shared             With -f and/or -m: List only the shared files.
  -N, --non-shared         With -f and/or -m: List only the non shared files.
  -w, --who-shares         With -c: Print the packages that share each file.
  -y, --symlinks           Print the contents of symbolic links.
  -z, --no-package-name    Don't print the name of the package.
  -s, --size               Show the size of each file.

Information options:
  Note: Information may be not available for all packages.
  -i, --info               Print package information.
  -o, --configure-options  Print the options passed to configure when the
                           package was installed.
  -q, --query, --owner     Query for the packages that own one or more files.

Remove options:
  -r, --remove             Remove the (non shared) files of the package. '-rr'
                           forces the package to be removed from the database.
      --remove-shared      Remove also the shared files.
  -B, --batch              Do not ask for confirmation when removing.
  -e, --skip=PATH:...      Do not remove files in PATHs (see the man page).

Log options:
  -l, --log                Enable log mode. See the man page.
  -p, --package=PKG        Name of the package to log.
  -D, --dirname            Use the name of the current directory as the name
                           of the package.
  -+, --append             With -p or -D: If the package is already logged,
                           append the list of files to its log.
      --log-missing        Do not skip missing files.
      --ignore-shared      With -p or -D: Do not log the shared files.
      --ignore-errors      Do not exit if the install command fails.
  -I, --include=PATH:...   List of paths to scan.
  -E, --exclude=PATH:...   List of paths to skip.